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Scoop: Irish Food Stories

Scoop Issue 01 + 02 Bundle

Scoop Issue 01 + 02 Bundle

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Buy Issue 01 and Issue 02 together for the special offer price of €30.

The theme for the inaugural issue asks the question: what is Irish food? Here's a little taste of what we have in store: a manifesto by Eoin Cluskey of Bread 41, a look at the 1845: Memento Mori art installation that took artist Paula Stokes 15 years to complete and a feature on the pub in Irish literature by Aoife Carrigy.

The theme of Issue 2 – Eat Your Feelings – is a topic we can all relate to in some way. Our relationship with food is intrinsically linked to how we feel and hence we use food to mark every milestone, occasion and day in our lives. Through our contributors’ stories, we delve into a world of feelings and journey through topics that highlight our deep connections with food. This issue is personal. 

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